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Which tablets to choose?

April 13th, 2011 Posted in Tech, Work

When it comes to choosing a gadget sometimes being a techie isn’t useful because one tends to scrutinize each tablet to the detail. Lately I have been thinking of getting one of those popular tablets but now I’m stuck between getting an open platform one or a closed one.  The closed one is Apple’s Ipad and the open on is based on Google’s Android.  Recently even Google is thinking of keeping future Android codes closed.

The design and quality of the Ipad seems to be a pulling point at the moment.  I like it’s simplicity.  However the lack of peripheral connectivity is a downside.  Whereas the Android-based tablets has a more open architecture and the ones that are available in the market has better peripheral support such as USB, external memory and so forth.

The main reason for having one is to truly have a portable paper less working working environment.  I’d like it to use it everytime I go to meetings I would only bring the Ipad.  I think it will certainly help reduce the clutter on my desk.  If I can get myself to accept the Ipad’s lacking, perhaps I will choose the Ipad.

The Android on the other hand is more open.  However I’m quite disappointed with the lack of Android-based tablets that are available.  The ones that are available aren’t that good because they are still currently running the phone-based Android rather than the newer Honeycomb platform that is designed for tablets.  Design-wise Android tablets are bulkier.

My main criteria will be simplicity in design and function.  Though I would like it to be suited for tech jobs but I know if it does, I might as well get a real machine with more computing power and capacity.

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