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What is it with country debt?

April 21st, 2011 Posted in Business, global

Recently it was announced that the US national debt has reached to almost USD15trillion which is about 96% of GDP.  I’m not a financial or economic expert, but clearly if your national debt has caught up to national output, it will spell trouble.  It seems like Japan has been projected to incur debt equal to more than 200% of it’s GDP.  Now that’s more than double that of the US.  Well as we know it, the Japanese economy has been quite stagnant for sometime already.  Surely with the triple catastrophe recently will compound the problem.  One thing to not is that many countries including major economies have used the US greenback as reserves.  Lately China, having the largest USD reserve has mulled reducing those reserves in favor of their own currency.  Well they have their reasons to to do so since the outlook of the US economy is not so promising.

So how can the US recover from this? I’m sure they will since they are still the largest economy in the world (for now).  On the lighter side, how can Apple help? Perhaps Apple can help with their sale of Ipads and ipad accessories.  It seems sale has been very brisk lately.

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