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Tsunami at Indonesia

October 27th, 2010 Posted in environment, News

The undersea earthquake that struck  the sea floor off Sumatera last Monday has triggered another deadly tsunami that so far has claimed more than 150 lives and scores missing.  It is more likely that the death toll will rise.  Compared to the 2004 tsunami, this one is smaller in magnitude but equally deadly.  Hospitals in inundated areas where power supplies are cut off will have no use of their medical computer carts as there’s no power.  Medical personel will have to make do with what they have unless they have power generators that are still working.  To those whose lives were affected, our prayers are with them.

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  2. By Pearse on Sep 26, 2015

    در 4:03 pmnazli میگوید:salam kleihia be man migan man vasvas daram ama khodam injuri fek nemikonam ba intest mitunam javabamo begiram?


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