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February 27th, 2011 Posted in General

Today I learned a new element called Tantalum.  It was reported that thieves broke into two dilapidated houses in Penang just to mine tantalum deposits under the house.  Why is this metal valuable?  Tantalum is used in the manufacturing of electronic components.  Current price is over $100 per pound.   With our thirst for digital devices, I believe that the price will continue to rise.  According to some reference, it is also highly biocompatible, which means the metal can be used as body implants such as to replace bones… or accessories such as watches or something like cubic zirconia rings.  Tantalum can be found in tin slags, so perhaps it’s time again to revisit old tin mines.

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  2. By zakich on Mar 3, 2011

    what is the rate per kilo….
    whose the buyer….


    disney reply on March 11th, 2011:

    Hi Zakich…I’m not so sure what’s the market price these days because it’s a commodity and differs based on the demand. But since it’s one of the raw materials for electronic stuff, I’m pretty sure it’s quite expensive. I’ve read it’s around USD80- USD100 per pound. Since it’s a dense material, I’m sure a small mass will be heavy.


  3. By zakich on Mar 12, 2011

    as per malaysian latest reported on last 1st.March. 2011…with local news paper(staronline) the price are MYR RM1200.00 per kilo.
    I’m quite socked with it…
    But the bad news are I only holding around 15 kg with me which I found while walking afew years ago.
    Thats why I’m interested to sell out this item.


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