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Simple ideas for the workplace

August 6th, 2011 Posted in environment, Work

No doubt the workplace is where we spend at least 7 – 8 hours of our daily (except weekends) activities. I believe in getting the best out of our working environment and while we are at it, why not have fun and relaxation at the same time. The few things that I find useful when making your work environment “work” for you are:

1. Attitude
This is by far the most important part. Treating the workplace as a playground and a place to relax (apart from doing real work…eventually you’ll need to do some work) works for me and keeps me going or helps me get the most out of my productive energy…whatever that is.

2. Tools and Resources
I usually make it a point that if the organizational unit I’m in lacks the proper tools, I’ll try my best to make it available even to my expense. At least it will get my staff motivated. We have also attempted to get some tools to work so that we are able to do conference calls.  There are many open source tools out there, recently we also tried Facetime and Skype.

3. Environment
Several things that I’ve always wanted to have in the office are an aquarium, equipped pantry, sofa set and media system.  Aren’t those the things you have in the house?  exactly…why not have your office look and feel like it’s home.

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