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Secret Shortcut

January 10th, 2011 Posted in environment, General, Sabah

Most of the time if there’s an alternative shortcut I would take it.  One day a colleague friend and I were expressing our frustration about the terrible traffic jam to work everyday.  The old way…well…it’s the old way and it’s alway jammed.  As for the new way…the so called by-pass, isn’t passable as smoothly at all since they’ve been constructing they new sewerage system by the roadside causing one lane to close.  To make matter’s worse, the road condition starts to deteriorate due to the works even causing a slight depression on one section.  Well I’ve never new there was a shortcut to all these woes not until my friend told me.  Between the two roads is actually another old trunk road – Nosoob-Hungab road.  From Penampang, just before the exit to the old Penampang road there’s a junction that leads to the Lintas highway.  At first I wasn’t too sure. I wished I had a gps to guid but I just relied on instinct and the guid my friend gave.  And sure enough it was a short cut.

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  2. By ben on Jan 16, 2011

    That passes by the Catholic church on the right? That’s my favourite road too nowadays – must keep this secret for as long as possible….


    disney reply on January 16th, 2011:

    Yes..that’s the one…so far I still don’t see many car using that road…I prefer it that way.


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