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Bags for functionality

February 18th, 2012 Posted in Culture | No Comments »

I usually take time to buy a bag.  The first characteristic that I look for is the quality of the material.  It needs to be sturdy and lasting.  The next aspect is whether the bag fits the functionality. Last year I had wanted to buy a hiking bag for the Mt. Kinabalu climb.  I had planned to get one that is water-proof or water-resistant and compact yet sturdy.  There were not many choice available but finally I settled on a Vaude Aracanda 30 which not only met my needs but also the price was nice.  So far I have brought this bag up the mountain twice, and I was very satisfied with it.  I didn’t need to worry about moisture getting in as it is water proofed.

My son started kindergarten school last year.  The bag that we bought for him initially was not ergonomically designed.  Even at kindergarten, he has many books to carry.  So we bought him a bag with spinal protection improvement design.

Even in these times of the iPads and tablets, we still want cool book bags. I think the best book bag should be comfortable, accessible and sturdy yet look cool.

Online Piracy Crackdown

February 7th, 2012 Posted in General | No Comments »

Personally I don’t condone online piracy but I’m not saying that I’ve not frequented download sites such as torrent sites.  Recently the talk of the internet was the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA that was due to be voted at the US Congress.  The act was killed after global outcry to it’s method and potential abuse.  I believe there should be an effective method to combat online piracy in general such as to provide items bound for piracy at a low cost price.  Movies sold as discounted dvds should be promoted and buyers be given incentives for buying genuine products. The recent crackdown on Megaupload should be seen as an eyeopener to all similar providers to start talking with publishers alike and decide on an appropriate pricing model that is competitive.  I like the idea of Apple’s App store.

New Adidas Shoes

February 5th, 2012 Posted in Health, Sports | 2,553 Comments »

One of my resolution this year is to start working out again.  Not by going to the gym which is too expensive.  But by simply going outdoors on the jogging track or offroad trail.  For that I need to get myself a good pair of shoes that suits my foot type which is flat foot.  I’ve been recommended to consider  Adidas shoes so I started researching. Since I’m flat-footed, the shoe must have a stability feature.  In Adidas, it’s called Pro-Moderator, so that’s a must.  Since I need to use to go off road trail, I also need one that has a trail traction.  In the end, I settled for an Adidas Supernova Riot series.  I searched all the local stores, they were selling the shoe for RM399, which is too much.  Fortunately one of the stores here was having a 50% sale and they had one last Adidas Supernova Riot 2 left.  The right size too! So without thinking much, I went ahead and bought it for half the original price.

The next day I went to the jogging track to test it out.  It was a very comfortable fit.  I liked the adiprene tech, it’s just like having compression springs at your feet. Though the sole is meant for trail, it still feels good on flat cement surface.  So far I’m satisfied this shoe and brand.  The next gadget that I plan to get is the micoach pacer bundle, to help me keep track of my workout in real time.


Don’t Cry for Me North Korea

December 30th, 2011 Posted in bizzare | 3 Comments »

There are no roses here but Kimjongilias, the flower named after the recently deceased North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-il.  The Kimjonglia is actualy from the begonia family so for sure there will be no roses.  What strikes me is the exaggerated display of mourning for Kim. It’s nothing to display of mourning I’ve seen in funerals here.  Yes there are, but perhaps only one or two.  Just imagine thousands, all crying.

Kim Jong-il, died recently on 17 December from a heart attack.  His father, Kim Il-Sung , 17 years earlier also died from heart attack. It seems like his son, Kim Jong-Un who apparently succeeds him, may suffer the same fate if he does not take care of his lifestyle and diet.  It’s ironic that while many North Koreans suffer from lack of nutrition, while their leaders seems to be well fed.

Nevertheless, if given the opportunity I would like to visit North Korea.  Their parades and colourful human-coordinated people’s show are truly mesmerizing.

Occupy Pavillion by United Buddy Bears

December 17th, 2011 Posted in General | 2 Comments »


At least that’s what I thought initially. The renown bear statues were occupying the Pavillion KL entrance.

What’s interesting these bears have been hand painted. Each bear is unique and represent each country of the world. The sight of these bears statues somehow breathe life into surrounding bare steel buildings.Surely residents and visitors around KL find the sights refreshing especially with over 100 bears all lined up along the pavements of The Pavillion.