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Life is simple ~ Enjoy it


Shielding the morning sunlight

February 26th, 2012 Posted in Work | 4 Comments »

My office window faces the east, so every morning when it’s bright, the sun light would enter my office.  If not for the air-cond, the heat would be unbearable.  Last year I discussed the matter with my staff whose windows also face the east. We had wanted to get those bamboo shades.  It would look earthly and elegant.  But since we had to use our own money, we had postponed the idea.  So they (my staff) just covered their windows with black paper.  It worked for them.  I left mine as it is since I kind of like the warm sun hitting my skin in the morning.


LEDs lights for the environment

February 26th, 2012 Posted in environment | No Comments »

I use to be be skeptical about LED lighting.  I thought they wouldn’t last or not bright enough.  I was wrong.  I wished the government would encourage people to use more LED lighting because not only they conserve energy but are also good for the environment because they do not contain harmful materials.  When I climbed the mountain last year, I had bought an LED headlamp.  It proved to be useful and more lasting on the batteries.

ERA Mystery Man

February 24th, 2012 Posted in bizzare | 4 Comments »

A young man won RM30,000 recently for successfully identifying  a mystery man contest.  Participants need to hear for the clues given through the radio.  Hopefull need to go around KK, to look for the mystery man.  They’re supposed to ask the potential candidate whether they are the ERA mystery man.  A local cartoonist even drew a satirical comic about illegal cigarette sellers being chased by participants.  If mystery man had smoked montecristo cigars, perhaps i would ask whether he was that man.

Youngest son interest in basketball balls.

February 24th, 2012 Posted in Family | 5 Comments »

My youngest is only a year old and he’s already interested in playing with round things.  Recently he pointed out to a football ball and insisted us on buying it.  It was too large and expensive for him, so I asked my wife to get him interested in a smaller ball instead.  Perhaps it’s a good thing for him basketball trophies for kids.  Who knows may be he’ll be next Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin.

Getting Sun Baked

February 23rd, 2012 Posted in Health | 1 Comment »

Fancy having a sunless tanning booths at home?  Well in this part of the world, it’s obvious there’s no need for one unless if it’s cloudy all the time.  If it’s not raining, we have the sun shining down on us.  Of course a tanning booth is good if you need an even tan.  Basically it’s like putting yourself into an oven.  For the claustrophobic, it’s not a good idea.