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Our health service

June 12th, 2011 Posted in Health, Malaysia, Personal Thoughts

After watching Michael Moore’s Sicko previously, I take for granted how fortunate we are that we still have almost free comprehensive health care system.  Of course we have the choices whether to go to the government health service or the private. Both have their pros and cons.  I’m quite lucky, for all the times I had gone to the government health centers, I’ve been treated well.  Perhaps the attendants have gone to good medical assistant school. Recently, I heard of  a close relative being rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe chest pains.  He was at the onset of having a heart attack.  After knowing where he was warded, I took the opportunity to visit him.  He was placed at the coronary care unit.  I was amazed at how well equipped the CCU is.  I could’ve easily mistaken that I  wasn’t in a government-run facility. The nurses were helpful and informative.  Surely after this episode I won’t complain about the huge budget our government has allocated our health service.

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