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How many Ferraris are there in Sabah?

September 10th, 2010 Posted in environment, Malaysia, Sabah

For sure there are at least one as posted by a colleague of mine in his blog. Recently too I saw one that looks like the one above the F430 or at least I thought because I only saw the distinctive red color and the yellow with a black stallion emblem.  Of course I knew this one was special too, from a far you could just hear and feel the rumble of its engine as it accelerates. Then it dawned on me, for someone who could afford one of these beauties, where could the owner get Ferrari parts? Also with the roads conditions in Sabah, how far can the owner go without scraping the underside onto the asphalt?  People from West Malaysia often say Sabahans are rich because of the number of four-wheel-drive vehicles here.  It’s true, in the major cities in the West, you hardly see and 4WDs.  It’s not that we are rich (sorry I don’t even own one) but it’s a practical vehicle suited for our road conditions.  So if one wants to see more of these red supercars or others for that matter, one should dream first of good road conditions.  Back to the question – how many Ferraris are there in Sabah?  It’s safe to say, it’s as rare as rubies, for now.  Let’s hope in future Malaysia Plan, we’ll be better off.

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