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Fun time at the paintball arena

March 28th, 2011 Posted in Games, Sports

picture taken by Josie

Last weekend was certainly a enjoyable experience as our department recreational club had organized a paintball game at the Penampang Paintball Point.  The participants where divided into three groups.  I was in group no. 3.  The first 3 speedball session all groups won in a draw, meaning each group had won a point.  The last session, were put into two groups in an all out shootout with t0 10 second spawn time if you were hit. I got shot at least three times but that didn’t matter because it was way too much fun, though I had wished I was in better physical shape as I was out of breath everytime I need to respawn.  The game field itself has a fair amount of bunkers but I wasn’t too happy about the grounds because it was very muddy.  I didn’t have the proper shoes, rain boots didn’t help either.  Perhaps next time I will get myself studded shoes to keep myself from slipping.  I wouldn’t have been shot if I had not slipped…haha.

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