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Destination Kamunting

October 11th, 2008 Posted in Malaysia

Kamunting…does that name ring a bell?  If not look at this satellite picture.


Yes it looks like a prison complex.  This is the infamous Kamunting Detention Centre – the destination for all ISA detainees.

Recently, one MP who had a short stint being detained though not at Kamunting made the news about the deplorable food quality.  Of course one have to be reasonable as being a detainee…it is one of the psychological methods of breaking down one’s humanity..therefore an effective means of deterrent.  In human rights term…this is debateable and of course inhumane.

One former local former detainee revealed that he had to catch snakes to complement his meager diet. Thinking out of the box..if there’s a possibility why can’t the detainee sympathisers just use an air-powered cannon ala Mythbuster during the night to shoot some grilled whole chicken to the compound.  Would be nice if they also have models in swimsuit over there too.   The detainees would surely like to prolong their detention.  I’m sure the guards would be happy too..the models that is.




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