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Cure for back pain

November 18th, 2010 Posted in Health

Recently I experienced a terrible pain at my lower back that prevents me from walking comfortably without feeling in pain.  The pain was so bad that walking was a huge effort.  Just for  short distance, I felt I was going to faint.  It all started when I was at the sink and was coughing badly.  So strong was the cough that I felt a sharp jab at my lower back.   This was prior to the exhibition my department was taking part in, so the pain even made me feel more anxious as there were still lot’s of preparation to be done.  I wish I could file for disability insurance but I wouldn’t want to be labeled as disabled.  Then  I remembered a colleague of mine who visited an acupuncturist.  So I went to see this acupuncturist.  After about 20 minutes of acupuncture therapy, I was sent off, but I still felt the pain.  Surprisingly for the next few days, the pain quickly subsided, just in time for our department’s exhibition.

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