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Climbing Mt. Kinabalu again

October 29th, 2011 Posted in Sabah

This would be my fifth attempt.  I managed to reach the summit on three of the attempts.  Fortunately I was able to summit again.  So there goes my fourth.  This time round, I joined a group of colleagues.  The route we chose was the grueling Mesilau Trail.  The last 2 KM of the the trail was a test of mental endurance.  Not to mentioned another 2.5 KM from the main trail junction to Gunting Lagadan where we’ll be staying. Our packed breakfast were meager to say the least.  Not packed in personalized lunch bags for kids but plain non-environmental-friendly styrofoam packets. For some it wasn’t enough to provide energy for the 7.5 KM hike.  Fortunately I had my energy bars, gels and drinks.  One of my colleague friend recounted having hit the wall after KM5.5.

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