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Car electrical system shorted out…

April 16th, 2011 Posted in bizzare

A few weeks ago on our way home from one the local malls, I drove through a deep puddle of water.  I initially thought it was alright when suddenly the wiper, air-cond, turn indicator and auto window, stopped working.  It was dark and raining hard at that time.  It was quite scary because we still had a distance to go before reaching our home. The A/C off wasn’t too bad but the wiper, turn indicator and auto window made it worse.  I can’t see clearly in the rain, can’t wind down the window to use hand signals instead of the turn indicator.  Luckily the brake lights and headlights were still working.  My eyesight didn’t helped neither because I have high astigmatism.  So I had to drive slowly and just use the lines on the side of the road as guide.

It was certainly a scary experience.  The next day we sent the car to the workshop. We found out the fuses were shorted. Perhaps what caused the fault was when I drove through the puddle.  The cables were okay since they have cable cover. We ended paying about RM200 to fix it.

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