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5S at the toilets

March 30th, 2011 Posted in environment, Work

No pun intended but our office toilets is no exception to the 5S program that is ongoing.  I still think the 5S ideas was conceived by someone who has OSD.  Anyways back to our toilets,  lately it has come to our boss’ attention that toilet etiquette needs to be practiced especially with regards preserving the cleanliness of one.  I myself is in favor of clean toilet.  I likened the toilet just like the bedroom, a place you can sleep.  Of course hygenically-speaking it’s just a metaphor.  But seriously when doing your business in there, you need to do it in peace with sweet-smelling scents (lol).  The other problem that came up was the habit of people smoking in the toilet.  I don’t smoke so I don’t like the smell of cigarettes.  However I don’t mind if it was a smoke pipe or some macanudo cigar.  The smell is somehow more bearable.

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